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October's Tip: SEIZURES

You're in class at school. Suddenly, a classmate stands up. Their eyes roll back into their head and they collapse with a loud scream. When the hit the floor, their arms and legs start twitching and flaying around. WHAT DO YOU DO?

1. Clear the area around the person.

2. Keep the person from injuring themselves and others; keep crowds away.

3. Allow the person to seize; DO NOT PUT ANYTHING INTO THEIR MOUTH.

4. When the seizure stops, roll the person on their side, clear and open their airway.

5. Cover them with a blanket and KEEP GAWKERS AWAY. Examine them for any other injuries.

6. Get medical aid as required.

7. If the seizure lasts for some time or they start and stop, THIS PERSON NEEDS AN AMBULANCE.

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